Podiatry First are London based footcare specialists, who diagnose and treat conditions affecting the feet and its related or governing structures by medical, surgical or by other means.

Podiatry First can treat most foot problems these include :

  • Removal of calluses (hard skin) and corns
  • Abnormal nail conditions
  • Ingrown toe nail eradication and minor surgery
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Verrucae and warts
  • Walking problems
  • Biomechnical examination and gait analysis
  • Provision of orthotics (specialised insole devices)
  • Sports medicine
  • Massage and strapping

During the initial consultation all patients are fully assessed and then a treatment programme is established according to the diagnosis. Many treatments may be carried out under local anaesthesia so that difficult procedures are painless. Preventative advice on foot care and footwear including sports shoe is also given to all of our patients.

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